Thursday, June 28, 2012

Troubleshooting Guide For Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6810)

If you are owner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6810) and have problems with your tablet, preferably before you looking to problem solving  / troubleshooting through a search engine or Samsung Service Centre, you try to read in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6810) user guide / manual. Some list of issues discussed in the manual for example displays network or service error, The touch screen responds slowly or improperly, freezes or has fatal errors.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6810) Troubleshooting
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6810) Troubleshooting

Then the device beeps and the battery icon is empty, The battery does not charge properly or the device turns off, Your device is hot to the touch, Error messages appear when launching the camera, Error messages appear when opening music files, Another Bluetooth device is not located and A connection is not established when you connect the device to a PC.

All above information can be found in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6810) user guide on page 117 in Troubleshooting section. You can read the review and download link here. Hopefully useful


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